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Shimano New Twinpower XD 2017 (XD=extreme durability)

It changes the New Standard of Durability.
NEW twin power that is active in the tough stage.

Shimano Twinpower XD 2017 All line-up

New twin power, tuned with keyword of excessive durability (XD = extreme durability)!

It is a proposition to provide reliable durability in scenes such as Shore Jigging, sea bass games in islands and wading, and micro jigging. One of them is "Upgrading Gear Strength".

By Shimano unique high-precision processing technology, it secures the strength that is compatible with the previous Twinpower's one-size larger model.
Furthermore, waterproofness is improved by the waterproof structure "X protect" reinforced by the labyrinth structure. By adopting carbon cloth washer, durability of drag is improved greatly. It is finished in one unit with toughness to overturn common sense.

Shimano New Twinpower XD Fratures

Impost waterproof structure X protect

Water repellent treatment & waterproof structure by labyrinth structure.

With the X protection adopted for twin power XD, since a lighter rotational performance is required, a new waterproof structure is developed exclusively. Shimano committed to non-contact type which does not impair rotation and lightness, combined with a new water repellent treatment, combined with a labyrinth structure that suppresses water infiltration, realized high waterproof performance despite non-contact. Due to its rotation and lightness, it is also possible to adopt it for line rollers, in addition to the body part, protect from salt durability of line roller bearings has also improved dramatically.


Press a piece of metal with a pressure of about 200 tons and finish it with precision of microns without cutting. Proprietary technology called precision cold forging produces a hard, tenacious gear, enabling smooth winding.


Carbon cross washer

Drag sliding is smooth irrespective of low load and high load, and there is a characteristic that change of drag performance due to friction heat is very small. Also, it is a material with high durability.



By using highly rigid aluminum, it firmly suppresses deflection, distortion, and twisting of the reel.

Protect the engagement of delicate gears, enabling smooth reeling.


Increase in diameter of drive gear, optimal arrangement of pinion and drive gears, 2 point support by pinion gear bearings.

The engagement of these robust gears holds a light reeling that is strong against the load.

G free body

The warm shaft is placed on the upper part of the drive gear, and the G free body which adopts the center of gravity close to the hand is adopted.

It makes the lightweight self weight feel even more lightly at the level of experience, and fishing of offensive which is excellent in operability becomes possible.

NEW Magnum Light Rotor (1)

Succeeded to puncture the line roller side. Up to about 14% reduction in rotational inertia.

NEW Magnum Right Rotor realizes rotation and lightness of different dimensions overturning common sense. The secret is in reviewing the bilaterally symmetrical rotor structure that had been considered commonplace from the ground up.
Conventionally, a veil return mechanism that had been assembled on the side of the line roller is mounted and it is ported to the cam side.
Furthermore, we succeeded in reducing the rotational inertia by up to about 14% by reducing the weight of the line roller, titaniumizing the veil and optimally arranging the thickness of the rotor. Please experience the sensitivity and operability that unknown rotation lightness brings.

NEW Magnum Light Rotor (2)

Rotor stiffness up to 30% strengthened.

Evolution of the rotor is not limited to just lightness. The rotor stiffness on the line roller side is an important factor contributing to the drag performance, but the NEW Magnum Light Rotor is also excellent in this rigidity (up to 30% UP up to the past).

Titanium one-piece veil

Light weight and high strength titanium is used as material, a one-piece veil manufactured with seamless integral molding is installed. It is beautiful in appearance and achieves troublelessness.


Large diameter drag knob

Equipped with a large diameter type drag knob. High operability, quick and fine drag adjustment even in the middle of a fight, realized the angler's desired fight.


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