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Shimano Twinpower XD C3000HG

Twinpower XD C3000HG - Compact and High Gear model

Twinpower XD C3000HG

2017 New Model
Released 2017 March

This is Compact & High Gear Model

Release on March 2017

Price US$430.00




New twin power, tuned with keyword of excessive durability (XD = extreme durability)!

It is a proposition to provide reliable durability in scenes such as Shore Jigging, sea bass games in islands and wading, and micro jigging. One of them is "Upgrading Gear Strength".

By Shimano unique high-precision processing technology, it secures the strength that is compatible with the previous Twinpower's one-size larger model.
Furthermore, waterproofness is improved by the waterproof structure "X protect" reinforced by the labyrinth structure. By adopting carbon cloth washer, durability of drag is improved greatly. It is finished in one unit with toughness to overturn common sense.

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Twinpower XD C3000HG

Spec for Twinpower XD C3000HG

Gear Ratio 6.0
Practical drag power 3.5kg
MAX Drag 9.0kg
Spool dimension
(diameter mm / stroke mm)
Weight 235g
Line Capacity

Nylon2.5/180m, 3/150m, 4/100m
Fluoro 2.5/160m 3/130m 4/100m
PE#1/400m 1.5/270 2/180

Maximum winding Retrieve
(cm/one crank)
Length of Handle(mm) 55mm
Number of bearings
(*S A-RB/roller)

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