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Shimano New Twinpower 2015

2015 New Twinpower is the 10th model of Twinpower which has 26 years history since 1988.
Philosophy of spartan, New Twinpower has "HAGANE" systems which give long life stongness and toughness to the body and gear.
Twinpower is not just a copy of Stella but it has real power of strong reel.

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Shimano Twinpower 2015 Features


Hagane means hard Steel in Japanese. Japanese imagine very hard steel from this Hagane word.
Shimano Hagane Gear made of cold forging Highly durable aluminum but they want to say it is hard like HAGENE steel.
This gives high durability 175% up comapre to old model.

HAGANE BODY and Hige Rigid Rotor

Extremely high rigidity aluminum material is used for Twinpower's "HAGENE BODY", successful in minimizing the deflection of the legs causing power loss.
In addition to the new design of the rotor, and full use of Shimano state-of-the-art, 3D analysis techniques used in order to reduce the phenomenon of rotor side bends when a load is applied and dramatically increased the rigidity.

Rotor stiffness (# c3000 rotor 11twinpower comparison)
Deformation amount in the load of about 20 km to about 50% = strength of about twice

Core Protection

The core protection is the mechanisms that makes water in dots and placed in each section a water-repellent treatment (dots effect) to play and to block water, it can be keep otational response and lightness.
It mount in 3 section such as Stopper bearing between Rotor & body, Body itself and Line roller. Non-contact seal will not wear upon rotation is light, the performance for a long time keep.
Also added flattened and water-repellent treatment the body mating surface, and dispel the weak point in eliminating the stopper lever. Body front surface, of course, the side prevents the ingress of water from the rear, the initial performance of the rotation is maintained for a long time.


New Twinpower use X-SHIP - Shimano's gear sysytem which allows smooth winding without powerloss. Gear replaced and lager diameter, it eleminate the rotation resistance by improvement of ths tooth of surface .
In addition to allowing a more direct reeling on to the firm engagement of the gears, it could also eliminate heaviness of winding of High Gear Models.


Any reel has rattling of the handle rotation. This is also a major cause of power loss.
"S-DIRECT GEAR" to enhance the accuracy of parts including a body to suppress the rattle to a minimum, to add an elastic member with the pinion gear. It reflect on the rotation the touch of a fingertip to linear.


Low Friction Rroller Clutch

Adopted a "new shape stopper bearing" that has also been installed in 14 STELLA the roller clutch section. About 25 percent of the frictional resistance than conventional by reviewing the spring and load direction reduction, silky touch should is intact, lighter, has enabled a more powerful rotation.


G Free Body & Large diameter Drag Knob

Veil angle expand & New shape line clip

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