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Shimano 2015 New Twin power 2500S

Twin power 2500S - Normal Gear & Sallow Spool Model

Twinpower 2500S

2015 New Model
Released 2014 March

This is Normal Gear and Shallow Spool Model

Price US$365.00

Best for Bass, SeaBass, Mackerel jigging, RockFishi, or other shore Light Jigging fishing.


2015 New Twinpower is the 10th model of Twinpower which has 26 years history since 1988.
Philosophy of spartan, New Twinpower has "HAGANE" systems which give long life stongness and toughness to the body and gear. Also 2015 New Twinpower has Core Protection, X-ship, S-Direct Gear, Low Friction Rroller Clutch, G Free Body & Large diameter Drag Knob and other latest Shimano's technologies.
Twinpower is not just a copy of Stella but it has real power of strong reel.

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Twin power 2500S

Spec for Twinpower 2500S

Gear Ratio 5.2
Practical drag power 2.5kg
MAX Drag 4.0kg
Spool dimension
(diameter mm / stroke mm)
Weight 240g
Line Capacity

Nylon5/110m, 6/95m, 8/70m
Fluoro 4/130m, 5/100m, 6/80m
PE#0.6/200m 0.8/150m, 1/110m

Maximum winding Retrieve
(cm/one crank)
Length of Handle(mm) 50mm
Number of bearings
(*S A-RB/roller)

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