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Shimano New Twin Power SW 2015

The power and toughness, also it has perfect waterproof for Harsh Salt game.
New Twinpower SW adopts the structure of Stella SW everywhere, Shimano's latest technologies there..

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Shimano Twin power SW 2015 Features


New Twinpower use X-SHIP - Shimano's gear sysytem which allows smooth winding without powerloss. Gear replaced and lager diameter, it eleminate the rotation resistance by improvement of ths tooth of surface .
In addition to allowing a more direct reeling on to the firm engagement of the gears, it could also eliminate heaviness of winding of High Gear Models.


Extremely high rigidity aluminum material is used for Twinpower's "HAGENE BODY", successful in minimizing the deflection of the legs causing power loss.



The rotor part of New Twinpower, X-RIGID ROTOR used to ensure high rigidity. 3D analysis is repeated many times, and ponder the thickness placed down to the details. It make it possible an excellent rotational balance and strong rigidity and durability.
Greatly reduces the bending rigidity was further achieved. Such as reduced time lag in the drag of Suberidashi in this action, you are also contributing to the improvement of the various parts function.


The older model of Twinpower 's handle shaft used many washers and it caused powerloss on shaft, washer and handle shank.
But New Twinpower SW use New structures for handle shaft, the washer is unnecessary. It reduce the powerloss of winding to give the direct power transfer to the reel.



Hagane means hard Steel in Japanese. Japanese imagine very hard steel from this Hagane word.
Shimano Hagane Gear made of cold forging Highly durable aluminum but they want to say it is hard like HAGENE steel.


Drag unit can configure each washer with the metal and carbon cloth, it support the spool from the upper and lower side (photo A and B) . To further the thickness of material, increase the friction and resistance and durability, and combine the "Strength", "Smooth", "Operability". In addition, the Drag knob of 8000- class, used metal parts for contact parts of drag. The heat resistance is improved, it contributing to the drag force stability.


Shut out the water with high sealing to body mating surface, contact parts for spool and drag know. To ensure high reliability and durability for saltwater game.



To the roller clutch parts, the Triple lip structure is used to ensure the high waterproof structures of water pressure.


The handle knob for 4000 class used EVA, 5000-8000 class used Lightweight CI4+, and 10000-14000 used Oval round knob.



Barrier Coat Spool Ring

Casting the heavy lure in saltwater, it gives much damage on spoolring than you imagine.
Twinpower SW uses Barrier coat which is same as Stella SW, to protect the spool from the tough duty game. The hardly damaged by abrasion resistance are improved, and reduce damage to the line.

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