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Maintenance Tips - Washing Shimano Reels after fishing trip

In order to keep your reel long time, Washing is very important.
We would like to introduce Shimano Japan's movie file of method of Washing Spinning reel.
Although this movie file is in Japanese, we show description in English below.

Seconds Description in English
0:17 Tighten the Drag to prevent water comes inside body.
0:25 Air duster, Toothbrush and Cotton swab are useful
0:31 Wash dirt and salt with Fresh tap shower water
*Do not use warm water over 30 degrees centigrade. Warm water may melt greece.
*Do not immerse in the pooled water.
0.:40 Wash dirt and salt of line parts carefully. If possible, unwind the line from the spool.
0:45 Use your thumb and take off the dirt.
*Do not use hard brush as it may cause damage of line.
0:55 Wash handle parts carefully
1:02 Use brush for heavy soil.
*Do not use hard brush and abrasive
1:25 Wash Line roller parts.
1:37 Spin the handle and take off water.
1:50 Take off remaining water with soft towel
2:01 Take off remaining water in the gap. Using Air Duster is useful.
2:40 Remove the spool from the bory and take off the water in the gap.
3:01 Blow off the water inside the spool.
3:27 Loose drag and dry it in the shade. Do not dry in the direct sunlight.
  • Washing maintenance after every fishing trip is recommended to ensure that you will be able to enjoy using the reel for many years to come.
  • If it is heavily soiled , you can use Neutral detergent.
  • Do not use chemicals, such as, gasoline, kerosene, benzene as these chemicals.

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