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Shimano Stella 2014

Stella 2014

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Ultimate Comfortable Winding

Smooth winding with reduction of Gear noise

The micro-module gear is a mechanism that is as small as possible teeth, with a number of teeth greater than the conventional. By engaging numerous and densely fine teeth, provided with a smooth power transmission without lowering the strength. At the time of winding gear noise is reduce sensitivity was improved by leaps and bounds. It is a micro-module gear, which has been introduced in stages in the bait reel but structural in spinning reel to turn the rotor by bending 90 degrees rotational movement of the handle in a narrow housing space, at the same time the conversion of back-and-forth movement of the spool after constraining it more, since it requires a high level of technology to incorporate exactly the small gear, it was said to be impossible in the past. It can support with great accuracy and precision gear simply because there is a metal body of high rigidity and high precision.

The gear noise is presented in the graph by looking at the red line in Figure emitted by the micro module gear. It can be seen that the noise is significantly reduced compared to the left of conventional. The engagement dense is having a small teeth, feeling winding smoothly with high sensitivity on top. And of course, usability can be felt in detail of a small hit.

Drive gear comparison

Thick and large diameters drives gear and reduce the size of the tooth at the same time.

Worm shaft gear comparison

Commitment to Contact

Eliminate the backlash and friction resistance occur in contact with other components and moving parts such as the spool shaft and rotor for ultimate smooth and light winiding.

Implement the much smooth and light rotation

The New Stella use New type of shape bearing. When compared with 2010 STELLA rotation torques in Shimano's tests, check the friction reduction of about 25%. Intact, lighter rotation is upon realized silky touch which can be called the essence of STELLA. Sensitivity and power transfer efficiency obtained with the new gear technology, it can exhibit thoroughly the performance by the supporting section to function effectively. Retrieving the strong power and a soft slow touch is not clouded. Be communicated to the line to the input of real angler, is the true value of the new shape stopper bearing.

Eliminates backlash of rotation

Every reel has backlash of rotation of handle direction. In contrast, is to suppress the backlash without lowering the rotational performance by enhancing the precision of the parts, including the body, adding an elastic member to the pinion gear "S direct gear". Touch of the fingertip is reflected to rotate linearly.

Sense of unity with the angler

Reduced weight sensible as close to the center of gravity at hand

The spinning reel parts called to convert back and forth movement of the spool in response to the rotational movement of the drive gear and the "worm shaft" is incorporated. It is because you are within the lower part of the body in the old style, but on the drive gear, NEW STELLA was located closer to the rod more the worm shaft. The center of gravity of the reel increases Thus, the weight of the reel sensibility was reduced by closer to hand. It can be said a sense of unity with the angler has raised above all a sense of unity with the rod, and more.

Place the top of the body to the worm shaft that was in the lower part of the body in the past. Fit inside the body, but the worm shaft is a relatively large part among others, require a high degree of skill in order to embed in a narrow space that follows from the reel foot, but the center of gravity is increased by having close to hand. The weight sensibility is greatly reduced. In addition to the cast it is improving and the shape of the body has become a smart jerk.

Retention of initial performance

Blocks the entry of water from all directions

The core protection is its mechanism to dispose in respective units (water drop effect) water repellent playing the water to form a waterdrop, to block the entry of foreign matter or water into the body interior while maintaining lightness and rotational responses. There are three mounting point locations for stopper bearing disposed in the body between the rotors, the body, and the line roller. Non-contact seal does not wear on top of the rotation of light; performance is keep for a long period of time. Dispel the weak point by adding a water-repellent treatment to flatten the mating surface body to eliminate the stopper lever. Body front, of course, prevent the ingress of water side, even from the back, the initial performance of rotation is maintained for a long time.
Protect core subjected to special water-repellent treatment to each section is to block the entry of water from all directions by special grease. Parts in the figure are shown below, it is shown in yellow water-repellent treatment where, in red is the sealing part due to special grease. Non-contact seal that does not interfere with the rotation does not have a waterproof performance (※) is keep a long period of time. Mating portion of the body is also flattened; it was not designed to provide a gap that water passes through.



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