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Shimano 2014 Stella C3000SDH

Stella C3000SDH - Sharrow spool and double handled model

Stella C3000SDH
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2014 New Model

This is Compact and Sharrow spool and double handled model

Price US$765.00

Best for Shore Casting game
Seabass, Rockfish,etc...

Shimano Stella is the Top-of-the-range of Shimano spinning reel.

NEW Stella is stuck with one of the “high-quality winding feeling “. It is equipped with a micro- module gear which is the original Shimano spinning reel. It is possible to achieve a smooth rotation with less noise in its very new shape of stopper bearings to reduce friction, adopted to suppress S direct gear rattling of the handle, rotation and silky feeling has been improved so far. I feel that the next is “a sense of unity with the angler." I managed to gather in hand near the center of gravity G by free body structure to be placed on the worm shaft that was under the drive gear. And the "sustained the initial performance”. Suppress the ingress of water stopper bearing body to the line roller waterproof mechanism adopted by the new (※) · core protected, you will surely enjoy for a long time by the winding sensual feeling.

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This is C3000SDH photo (took it at Fishing show Osaka 2014)

Spec for Shimano 2015 Stella C3000SDH

Gear Ratio 5.3
Practical drag power 6.0kg
MAX Drag 9.0kg
Spool dimension
(diameter mm / stroke mm)
Weight 235g
Line Capacity Nylon5/110m, 6/95m, 8/70m
Frollo4/130m 5/100m 6/80m
PE#0.6/200m 0.8/150 1/110
Line Retrieve Per Crank (cm/one crank) 77cm
Length of Handle(mm) 45mm
Number of bearings
(*S A-RB/roller)

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