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Fishing rod holder (keeper) - Daiwa Power holder CP160CH

Fishing boat rod holder
Compact cramp head
Hand concept performance

Price: US$ 265.00


Shipping & handling charge: US$60.00

  • Mounting pole diameter / 11.0 ~ 27.0mm (holder lock part)
  • 4 size(SS, S, M, L) clamp head include

Sokko (Quick action) system

Installation is Quick & Easy!
Holder will fall quickly in Sokko lever.
It can also minimize the elasticity of the rod, preventing backlash and fishing line getting tangled up to the guide of the rod.


With vertical and horizontal 180 ° swing Head
Compact clamp head

Total Weight is only 30g clamp head
Weight (65% OFF) less than half compared with the conventional head clamp type..

Operation is very convenient with its compact size.
Since there are no protrusions on the surface, the side part of the surface flash is not painful and it is not hard to tangle the line (because there are no screws or the like on the surface).

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